Video Mind The Wall #22

Video STAMP Instalation

[English]This video was taken with two Go-Pro cams during the night of the inauguration of the exhibition Generator in Swinton Gallery where all the visitors (Old and Young) enjoyed leaving their Stamp on the evening.

Video @ ARCO 2016

MULAFEST 2015 - Pincel de Cuixart

Tuve la suerte de participar en Festival MULAFEST 2015 (25-28 de Junio), en el espacio de MOTORES PARA EL CAMBIO, una iniciativa de la Fundación Voces, el Festival Mulafest y PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo, formando parte del “Art in Motion Project”. Un cubo gigante, promovido por Fundación Cuixart y AV-DROP, formado por cuatro lienzos de 2.70 x 3.50m cada uno, pintado en directo…

Hostel Art @TheHatMadrid

Vídeo de la inauguración de la exposición colectiva HOSTEL ART en The Hat Madrid, organizada por PAC: Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo y con la colaboración de Paredes y Absolut.

En el taller de…

PACtv - Fotogramas - Kaufman

Video Kaufman & Friends

Kaufman Code


En la pasada exposición individual de KAUFMAN en la Casa de Cultura de Alfaz del Pi, tuvo lugar un taller muy especial. KAUFMAN/KIDS reunió a niños de entre 4 y 5 años para darle un nuevo sentido a la abstracción y geometría. El resultado fue una multiplicación del carácter lúdico e interventivo del trabajo artístico del artista inglés.

Summer Art Party 2012

Fotogramas Summer Art Party 2012

Video por las calles de Madrid

Alcantarillas Promo

Fotogramas Kaufman Alfaz del Pí


Video Documental Triangulo - Madrid 2011

Kaufman Expo Celosias TV

Art or Vandalism


A Kaufman art piece was attacked when it was exposed. An anonymous person has taken an oversight of the surveillance to paint on one of the paintings on display. The work in question has suffered several marks made with a black marker. The piece that has suffered this vandalism is titled “Six”, made with acrylic on board wich represents a geometrical figure.

The piece in question titled “Six” was created by KAUFMAN in 2009 and has been exhibited twice.

The artist said he does not feel insulted by the attack, instead he mentioned “I believe that this act has served to make the work evolve. It’s great as the piece has moved from abstraction to figuration with this illegal intervention. With just a few lines of interlaced lines this figure now simulates a puppy. ” “I think with this development the work should be called the Six-Dog”

The security cameras of the hall captured the moment the picture is painted in full exposure by a hooded person. We see after the youth enters goes directly to the piece and leaves the room after painting runs away.

“Undoubtedly, we face a question is it Art or Vandalism?

Images of the painting before and after the attack.


Fictional experiment that reflects on the limits of art and vandalism.

English information from external link click here.

Spanish information external link here.

Video de Exposición Valencia




“BRAVAN” Video installation.
1 minute 34 seconds.